Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mairéad Farrell Republican Youth participate in Cross Party Debate

Last night (Tuesday 23rd April) Belfast Sinn Féin Republican Youth activists took part in the first cross party youth debate in the chamber of Belfast City Hall.

From the outset it was clear the apparent benches of 'Unionist Unity' (DUP/PUP/UUP) were on an anti-Sinn Féin crusade as they continually spiralled into paisleyite rants of outdated rheotric. Despite these blatant displays of bigotry throughout, the strong Sinn Féin team, predominately made up of young Mairéad Farrell Republican Youth activists kept their cool.

A number of motions were proposed from the floor ranging from equality and welfare reform, to fiscal autonomy for the north and youth unemployment & emigration. 


Glenavy Sinn Féin representative Mary-Kate Quinn, along with comrades Seán Bateson & Dominic Sherry Adams highlighted the need for, and the benefits of, fiscal autonomy for the north, coining the term 'the right of the people of Ireland to the ownership of Ireland' as the foundation of their argument.

Admist the constant jeers & heckles from the opposite benches, Saoirse O'Neill & Kathy Crawford, Belfast Republican Youth spokespersons on proposed Welfare Reform, held their nerve as they sold a clear & solid Sinn Féin line on the potentially catastrophic imposition of British government, Tory cuts.

As the debate went on, the ever-increasing sense of unionist elitism & paranoia became ever evident to the rest of the chamber & the public gallery as the Sinn Féin team were continually refused permission to make points of order.

Bewildered by this, Mairéad Farrell Republican Youth chairperson Eoín McShane pointed out, after some time, how this suggested a clear lack of belief & understanding in what those among the unionist benches were actually talking about & accused the 'Unionist Unity' delegation of a lack of confidence in their own position as they consistently refuted Sinn Féin attempts to intervene. He concluded by saying, "IF i am wrong, and IF this, the future of unionism in this city actually ARE confident, then what is there to fear from a vote on Irish Unity?".

Following further disruption, and jeers of 'hear hear' in false English accents, North Belfast activists Anthony Lowry & Mick Vernon calmly dealt with a final onslaught of failed Unionist intimidation as they calmly & professionally dealt with a number of difficult, sectarian contributions.
Despite the tension, the chamber witnessed much light hearted debate. At one point, Niall Ó Donnghaile, ex-Mayor of Belfast even resumed his seat in the chair as the current DUP Mayor, Gavin Robinson had to step out for a short period.

All in all, it is quite clear that the Republic is safe in the hands of this generation, and that we will deliver Irish Unity.
You can contact the Mairéad Farrell Youth Committee on Facebook or Twitter.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sheena Campbell Cumann to host Big Irish Night!

Queen's University's Sheena Campbell Cumann are set to host a Big Irish Night to celebrate 'Republic Day', the 97th anniversary of the Easter Rising. The Spirit of Freedom will be playing from 9pm in the Hatfield bar on Wednesday the 24th of April.

Sean Bateson, chairperson of the Sheena Campbell Cumann is encouraging everyone to attend; 'It will be a great night and we are expecting a big attendance. Tickets are only £5 mar sin bígí linn!'

For more information click on the Facebook event page!

Fairness must be at the heart of social and economic recovery - Simon Mac Giolla Easpaig

Simon Mac Giolla Easpaig of Donegal and UCD Sinn Féin speaks on the issue of a wealth tax at Sinn Féin's 2013 Ard Fheis in Castlebar.


Friday, April 19, 2013

Our parents did not raise us for export - Donnchadh Ó Laoghaire

Sinn Féin Cork (Carrigaline) representative and Óige Phoblachtach activist Donnchadh Ó Laoghaire speaks on the issue of youth unemployment and emigration.

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Republican Youth condemn arrests of Corsican student activists

SINN FÉIN REPUBLICAN YOUTH has condemned the arrest of four members of Corsican nationalist youth organisation Ghjuventú Indipendentista (GI) on Thursday morning following a peaceful protest at a French government building in the town of Corte.

Fifteen members of GI peacefully occupied the lobby of the sub-prefecture building in Corte on Thursday morning to demand that the French government follow through with promises to co-officialise the Corsican language in Corsica, along with other promises regarding tax. The island's native language is spoken by about 50% of the people who live there. Current French president Francois Hollande promised to ratify the European Charter for Regional and Minority Languages if he won the Presidential election, however, more than a year on and he has still not fulfilled his promise.

GI activists occupy the sub-prefecture building in Corte
Four GI activists were arrested and detained at Borgu French military camp where they went on hunger and thirst strike before being released the next day. They are now facing a number of charges

SFRY Dublin spokesperson, Mark Moloney, who represented SFRY at GI's annual Scontri Internaziunali youth conference in Corte in 2009 and 2012 said the arrests were “disgraceful”.

“We've heard from those present at the protest that the French police used excessive force in the arrests. Upwards of a dozen officers dragged the activists from the building. During the incident police punched and kicked the activists. Two were injured, one sustained injuries to his jaw and another was wounded in the face, shoulder and hip.

“These activists were making a peaceful protest for the right to speak their own language in official business in their own country. Their peaceful protest was met with completely disproportionate force by the French authorities. It is absolutely unacceptable that student activists who are simply standing up for their cultural rights should be treated in this fashion

“Here in Ireland we face a similar battle. In the Six Counties, Irish language speakers have faced opposition and resistance to their demands for an Irish Language Act which would give them the same basic rights and entitlements as others.

“Whether in Corsica or Ireland, the people of the country who speak their native language should have the same linguistic rights and entitlements as everybody else.”

SFRY with GI & CGC activists at the Scontri Internaziunali in Corte in 2012