Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Magee Ógra SF Protest Imperialist Recruitment

On Tuesday 24th October, the Magee Ogra Shinn Fein Society held a protest to oppose the presence of the British Army and Royal Navy at the Employment fair in the campus.Magee Ogra Shinn Fein were joined by a number of local Sinn Fein activists and elected representatives including former Mayor of Derry Councillor Lynn Fleming. The protest was well received by a number of students from varying backgrounds.

There was also strong condemnation of the University of Ulster who have been accused of inviting the British War Machine to attend the Employment Fair, whilst at the same time banning political societies from handing out political literature to their student peers at the Freshers Fair.

Magee Ogra Shinn Fein spokesperson Meabh Mackel said,

“I am astounded at the hypocrisy of the University who claim that they wish to create a neutral environment yet they invite the British Army, who have carried out atrocities such as Bloody Sunday within this very city, into the Magee campus while a constituted society within the university is banned from taking part in the freshers’ fare."

She added,

“Today’s protest was a big success, in that it highlighted the ongoing censorship of political societies by the university and received very supportive feedback from the students”

Ms. Mackel continued,

“We now believe, through the success of our protest and from our ongoing opposition to the Political Protocol that there is enough awareness amongst the student population to overturn this biased policy. We will also be presenting a petition to the university with hundreds of students’ signatures showing their opposition to the University’s stance”.

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Anonymous said...

well done to all the lads and lassies at magee uni,british rule in ireland is still being challenged at every angle and the exclusion of political parties by the uni shows just who they sway with.the momentum is building up for magee ogra,keep the pressure up and fight for the right to be included,not excluded.