Friday, July 31, 2009

100th Anniversary of Na Fianna Éireann Celebrated in Lurgan

Ógra Shinn Féin in Lurgan held a public talk this week to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the foundation of Na Fianna Éireann.

The event held in the Ashburn Hotel, hosted Ógra Shinn Féin National Organiser Barry McColgan and former Sinn Féin MLA for Upper Bann Dara O’Hagan, speaking on the theme of “Youth in Struggle”.

Ógra activist Tiarna McCorry chaired the event,

“We were really pleased with the good turnout from local republicans to mark this significant anniversary. Barry talked about the role of Na Fianna throughout the history of the Irish struggle and lessons we can learn. Dara talked about the great political changes from the foundation of Na Fianna 100 years ago, and the ongoing role young people have to play in the struggle today.”

She continued,

“Na Fianna played a valuable role throughout Irish history. It is now for the young people of today to continue that struggle to it’s successful conclusion. Young people are the driving force of republicanism. Our role in Ógra and Sinn Féin is to complete the struggle that so many Fianna fought for and gave their lives. An Phoblacht Abú!”

The event also saw the launch of a new video and power point produced by Ógra Shinn Féin, as well as an open floor discussion. Ógra Shinn Féin will be hosting more of these events through Ireland , for further events keep up to date on

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dublin ÓSF condemn desecration of Seán Russell Memorial

Ógra Shinn Féin Dublin has condemned the attack on a statue commemorating Irish Patriot Seán Russell.

Unknown individuals painted Nazi flags on the base of the monument late on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning and also poured red paint over it.

The new bronze memorial to Seán Russell,a veteran of the Easter Rising and IRA chief of staff during the bombing campaign launched in London in 1939, stands in Fairview Park in Dublin and was only recently unveiled by the National Graves Association following the destruction of a previous memorial by vandals in 2004.

The 2004 attack followed a year-long campaign in the Sunday Independent aimed at discrediting Russell’s memory and was claimed by a previously unknown group claiming to be anti-fascists.
The National Graves Association has previously invited those who claimed responsibility for the 2004 attack to take part in a debate about the life of Seán Russell, to which they received no reply.
Commenting on the attack, Ógra Shinn Féin's Dublin organiser Marcas Ó Mhaoldomhnaigh said:
"This attack on a memorial to an Irish patriot is a disgrace. Those who carried it out clearly know very little about Seán Russell or what he stood for."

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

East Down Ógra Shinn Féin Continue Call For British Army Withdrawal

East Down Ógra Shinn Féin have this week continued their demilitarisation campaign and call for the removal of the British Army Base in Ballykinlar.

The call comes after the erection of a banner on the Bogey Hill area of Newcastle with the writing “Leave Irish shores now, Brits out of Ballykinlar”.

Speaking on the action, East Down Ógra Shinn Féin representative, Fra Cochrane, commented,

“This is just one of the many ways in which we in Ógra Shinn Féin intend to continue to show our opposition to any foreign British army bases which remain in the six counties.”

“We want to send a strong message that the republican and nationalist people in this area are opposed to the presence of British Forces. The people of not just Ballykinlar but as far away as Annalong and everywhere in between, are plagued by the sounds and sights of gun shots, choppers, and other British military operations in Ballykinlar and the surrounding districts.”

“The British need to look at the strong opposition towards the barracks based in Ballykinlar, take serious notice of what the general public is saying, and live up to their demilitarisation commitments under the Good Friday Agreement. Again we would call on the immediate removal of the base, and the land to be given back so that it can be utilised by the local community.”

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Munster Cúige to meet to discuss re-develoment of Ógra

A chairde,

Munster’s next Cúige meeting will be held on the 23rd August, and 2PM in the Barrack Street Sinn Féin Office in Cork City.

This is a very important meeting and all Munster activists are required to attend to discuss the present & future of Ógra Shinn Féin in Munster.

We would also like to extend an invitation to new activists, and anyone who is willing to assist the redevelopment and rebuilding of Ógra in Munster.

Is mise le meas,

Seán Ó Briain

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

South Down Ógra Shinn Féin congratulates Down Minor team

South Down Ógra Shinn Féin representative, Caitlin Carlin, has congratulated the Down Minors football team on a successful Ulster Championship campaign, despite narrowly losing out on the final by three points to Armagh at Clones on Sunday.

Congratulating the squad on a hard fought campaign, Ms Carlin commented,
"To reach the Ulster Minor Final is a great achievement and a boost for Gaelic games in Down, and it is testament to the hard work put in by not only the players, but the administrative and coaching staff."
"Congratulations must be given to the team, who were unlucky to lose on Sunday afternoon’s final. The players should continue to hold their heads high after such a successful campaign and I am in no doubt that they will perform well in the qualifiers."
"It is good to see the minors of Down performing at this high level and I, like many other young people, am extremely proud of them, and wish them all the best in the coming game against Dublin."

Fian John Dempsey Memorial March and Tournament 2009 - Bígí Linn!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Ógra Shinn Féin Waterford stands in solidarity with Mr. Binman workers

Today, a large crowd, including activists from Ógra Shinn Féin's WIT cumann marched through Waterford City in solidarity with the workers of Mr. Binman. The employees have been asked to work more hours, for less pay. The working week has been increased from 39 hours to 45 hours, and the employees are being asked to take pay-cuts ranging between 10% - 49%.

Not only have the employees been asked to make an impossible sacrifice in cuts, but the owner of Mr. Binman - Martin Sheahan, has refused to talk with trade union officials. The workers are currently into their 8th week on strike, and still have no means for which to reach a compromise.

Mr. Sheahan had stated recently in the Irish Farmer's Journal in relation to his decision to hire non-nationals over Irish workers, “The Paddy is the best man in the world when he goes abroad to work but he’s a different man at home”, adding that he had, “hired non-nationals to keep manners on the Paddies”

Speaking on behalf of WIT's Ógra Shinn Féin cumann, Seán Ó Briain stated:

"The level of blatant racism and disrespect towards his employees from Mr. Sheahan is absolutely unacceptable. Not only that, but his refusal to recognise any element within the trade union movement must be challenged at every level. Mr. Sheahan's exploitation of the current economic crisis, asking his workers to accept unacceptable paycuts with little to no chance of employment elsewhere, is deeply disturbing. Once again, the working class has been asked to accept the burden, while the wonderfully wealthy Mr. Sheahan continues a life of luxury."
"I call on the wider Irish public to support the workers of Mr. Binman in their struggle for fair pay for a fair day's work."

Na Fianna Éireann Mural unveiled in Strabane

On Thursday 16th July Ógra Shinn Féin in Strabane unveiled a new mural in Lisnafin Park dedicated to those listed on the Fianna Éireann Roll of Honour.

The launch coincided with the 37th anniversary of the killing of local Fian Tobias Molloy whose family also attended the event, and were presented with a book on one hundred years of Na Fianna Éireann by John McDermot on behalf of the Tobias Molloy Ógra Shinn Féin Cumann.

Tobias was shot dead by a British army rubber bullet at the ‘Camel’s Hump’ checkpoint in 1972 whilst returning home from a dance in Lifford.

Speaking at the mural unveiling Seán Mac Giolla Easpaig, spokesperson for Ógra Shinn Fein said;

“I would like to commend all those activists who helped erect this mural, which is a fitting tribute to the republican dead of Na Fianna Eireann who gave their lives for Irish freedom in the most recent phase of the conflict.”

“We would particularly like to welcome the Molloy family here this evening to accept this presentation on behalf of the Ógra Cumann. We are immensely proud of the sacrifices made by the past generation of republican youth.”

“This year we are marking the 100th anniversary of Na Fianna which was founded in 1909 by Countess Markievicz and Bulmer Hobson in response to the Baden-Powell boy scout movement which trained young boys in British national values. Recognising the need for an Irish boy scouts organisation which trained the youth of Ireland in Irish national ideals, Countess Markievicz along with others decided to establish Na Fianna Éireann.”

“The spirit of Republican youth continues to flourish today in the political activism of Ógra Shinn Fein which has seen enormous growth throughout the Island in recent years. We hope to highlight to the youth of today the huge sacrifices that past generations of young people had to make in this struggle, and it is their inspiration which guides us in our efforts to build the Republic for which they died.”

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ógra An Lorgain Public Talk

For Further Information Contact Ógra Shinn Féin in Upper Bann on 02838 349675.

Ógra Colour party remembers Na Fianna

Ógra Shinn Féin this week mobilised in memory of Martin Hurson and those named on the Tyrone roll of honour at Tyrone Volunteers Day.

Ógra Shinn Féin activists formed a Na Fianna Éireann colour party, in remembrance of the 100th anniversary of the founding on Na Fianna Éireann. Indeed it was the first Na Fianna Éireann Colour Party in Galbally since the funeral of Martin Hurson in 1981. The colour party of young people, marching in formation and responding to commands in Irish led the parade from Galbally community centre to the republican monument in cappagh main street.

There West Tyrone MP Pat Doherty addressed the Commemoration.

Speaking following the commemoration national organiser of Ógra Shinn Féin, Barry McColgan said:

“The colour party is just one of a number of initiatives we have taken over this year to remember the contribution and sacrifice of Na Fianna. Since their formation in 1909 right through until the early 1990s Na Fianna played a pivotal role in Irish political life.

“Throughout the remainder of the year we will continue to commemorate and highlight the role of Na Fianna and the colour party is one small part of our continuous programme throughout the year to remember the 100th anniversary of Na Fianna."

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

New murals commemorate Cork’s republican history.

The McCurtain/Doherty cumann of Ógra Shinn Féin has recently completed two new murals as part of its summer programme.

The first mural was of former Lord Mayor of Cork, Terence McSwiney, who died on hunger Strike in Brixton prison in October 1920, in protest at his internment.

McSwiney’s death was a pivotal point in the Tan War, and his death brought international attention to the war in Ireland.

The Second Mural commemorates the four Cork Fians on the roll of honour, who died in and around the Tan War period. Their names were Patrick Hanley (7/11/20) Richard Noonan (11/10/22) James Pyne (11/11/24) Seamus Courtney (22/7/18).

The murals are on a wall in the Lee Fields, a popular park and walking area alongside the river Lee.
A Cork Ógra Spokesman, had this to say.
‘We hope these murals are a fitting tribute to the men we are commemorating. Terence McSwiney is obviously a massively inspirational figure, particularly here in Cork, and we feel he would be proud of the increasing strength of republicanism here.

We are also very proud, in this the centenary year of Na Fianna, to remember the four young men who died for their country in this City and County. It was humbling to meet a number of former Fians while we were painting the mural, who all were very encouraging, and glad that Na Fianna was being remembered in this way.’
The McCurtain/Doherty cumann is planning a number of other murals, among other actions, in the coming months.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Video Promoting Tir Éoghain Hungerstrike Youth Weekend - Watch and PASS ON!

The following is a video produced to promote the Tir Éoghain Hungerstrike Youth Weekend which is being held 14 - 16 August.

The Hungerstrike weekend will be a excellent opportunity to educate existing activists, and recruit new members across Ireland.

All areas should be mobilising the maximum number of people for this weekend.

To help promote the weekend, we are asking that you upload the video to all your social networks, your blogs, your website and email to all your contacts and friends.

See you in Tyrone!

Go raibh maith agat.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Rith 2010

Senan MacAoidh
Ógra Shinn Féin

Ag glacadh ionspráide ó ‘Korrika’ Thír na mBascach beidh a mhacasamhail ar siúl in Éirinn ar an 10ú Márta 2010. Rachaidh an t-ollrith seo ó Bhéal Feirste, síos fríd Chúige Laighean, siar go Ciarraí agus críochnóidh sé i gCathair na Gaillimhe. Gearrfaidh an chamchuairt frí cheithre chúige agus 400 baile!

Eagrófar an ócáid ar bonn suimiúil ina cheannóidh na rannpháírtithe ciliméadar an duine le rith agus an onóir ag an té sin an bata a iompar ar feadh an chiliméadair. Leanfaidh an rith gan stad de lá ‘s d’oíche agus an bata á iompar i rith an ama i dtreo a cheann scríbe.

Tá an t-ollrith le bheith ar siúl i rith Sheachtain na Gaeilge agus mairfidh an cúrsa féin 7 lá. Cuifear teachtaireacht rúnda laistigh de bhata speisialta adhmaid agus ní leagfar síos an bata go dtí go sroichfidh sé Cathair na Gaillimhe ar Lá Fheile Pádraig, áit a léifearamach an teachtaireacht.

Tá clú agus cáil ar Korrika na mBasacach agus rannpháirteachas ollmhór ó gach cearn den phobal aige achan uile bhliain. Anuraidh ghlac 600,000 páirt ann!

Deis iontach é seo d’aon duine ar spéis leo tacaíocht a thabhairt don teanga s’againne. Céim mhór chun tosaigh é an t-ollrith agus má éiríonn leis na sluaite a mhealladh beidh sé ina dhea-chomhartha do thodhchaí na Gaeilge. Ba chóir go nglacadh achan bhall d’Ógra Shinn Féin leis an deis seo.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Na Fianna Éireann 100th Anniversary Dinner Dance

Na Fianna Éireann 100th Anniversary Dinner Dance

Quinn's Corner, County Tyrone
Saturday 15th August @ 8pm

Celebration of Na Fianna through Music, Poetry and Song
Four Course Meal
Guest Speaker
Music by Ireland's Biggest Rebel Band 'The Spirit of Freedom'
Ticket Only £30.
Limited Tickets - Book now!
Contact 07885569940 or
Organised by Ógra Shinn Féin

Sinn Féin-Tackling ‘individualism’ key to tackling many of Ireland’s social ills

Republican Activist

As we move towards the centenary of the 1916 Rising and as we continue to strive to deliver the objectives of national independence and equality enshrined in the Easter Proclamation our task in Sinn Fein is to communicate the republican vision of the type of Ireland we want to see in a way that is not only relevant to peoples’ lives but also through presenting distinct and radical policies which will find deep resonance among every section of the Irish people.

There is no doubt that the greatest challenge facing modern Ireland, and the issue of most concern to people in every parish, town and city in the country, is how tackle spiralling social problems including: increasing levels of crime and particularly violent crime; anti-social behaviour and vandalism; the scourge of drugs; alcohol abuse and underage drinking; increasing incidences of suicide and self-harm particularly among young people and a wide range of other associated social ills.

Up until now, the debate and political response about how to tackle these spiralling social problems has been mostly a reactionary one. Legislators, faced with public pressure for immediate action, have introduced policies and measures to deal with the symptoms of these social problems instead of dealing with the structural issues that are allowing these social problems to flourish.

The reality is that short-term measures like more police on the streets, imposition of ASBOS, drink and drug awareness campaigns etc have not and will not in themselves make any meaningful difference in reducing the growing social problems that are affecting modern Irish society.

I believe that by drawing on the radical republican tradition of Tone, Pearse, Connolly and Sands, Sinn Fein has a compelling analysis to give that it is the increasingly individualistic nature of Irish society and the corresponding weakening of peoples’ involvement in, identity with and sense of belonging to wider entities such as: community, church, trade unions, voluntary, sporting, cultural organisations etc that is a major causation factor in the loss of cohesiveness and vibrancy of many communities the length and breath of the island.

One may argue about the extent of the contribution to Irish society of some of the above. However, it is clear that growing individualism and the weakening of collective values has provided fertile ground for social problems to fester and grow...

Increased prosperity has undoubtedly brought many benefits, in material terms, to the vast majority of the Irish people north and south. However, the sense of wellbeing of any society cannot be measured solely in terms of material possessions but through a fuller examination of all quality of life issues. Unfortunately the experience for an ever growing number of people on this island is that their quality of life has actually diminished despite the ‘unparalleled prosperity’ that we are told we now have.

Consumerism and materialism may be the ‘new religions’ in Ireland but more and more people feel empty, unfulfilled and isolated.

As Irish republicans who espouse ‘cherishing all children of the nation equally’ over promoting the interests of the privileged few it is up to us initiate a national debate about the type of Ireland we want to see by bringing forward policies outlining measures we believe will re-engender the primacy of collective and community values in Irish society and which we believe would serve to address the underlying causes of many of our modern social problems in a more fundamental way.

I believe that if Sinn Fein brings forward detailed policy proposals aimed at strengthening the ‘social glue’ which is essential for binding the building blocks of a ‘healthy society’ in Ireland our message will find deep resonance and support among every section of the Irish people.

By also initiating a National Debate on our belief that unhealthy individualism must be counteracted by the active promotion of collective and community values in Irish society we would show that the republican message is as relevant today as it was in 1916 but that also Sinn Fein has a unique and positive vision of the type of Ireland we are striving to achieve as we near the 100th anniversary of Easter Week.
The increasing individualism manifesting itself in Ireland and its detrimental social impact has been a by-product of the right wing policies pursued by consecutive governments in both jurisdictions of this island down through the years. This is a debate these parties will not want to be having.

Some of the ideas I think we should be considering as part of a broad based policy offensive on this issue include:

Active citizenship:

- That the promotion of Active Citizenship becomes a core ethos and function of our primary and secondary education systems across the island. That modules outlining the benefits of Active Citizenship, both in terms of personal self-development and to the wider community/society, be formulated and introduced into the education curriculum as appropriate in each year group.

- Instead of the compulsory national service that is expected of young people in many countries that we advocate that all 16 year olds be given the opportunity to take a month out of their formal education in placement with a community, voluntary, sporting, cultural group etc.

- That government introduces legislation to ensure that public and private sector bodies give greater recognition, in the recruitment process, to those who show that they are actively involved in a voluntary capacity in the strengthening of the social capital of their community.

- The introduction of a ‘National Active Citizenship Week’ the aim of which would be to strengthen community spirit and sense of belonging through encouraging everyone in a local community to take part in a unique project in their area that would make a quantifiable difference to the quality of life of people in the area. County, Provincial, All-Ireland competitions for best projects with different grades depending on size of area.

Genuine Community Empowerment:

- The promotion of Community Charters outlining the rights and responsibilities of people living in local communities. Local authorities to undertake responsibility for formulating and reviewing localized charters in consultation with local communities.

- Adoption of Community Charter by 75% plus of the local community would provide a mandate for sanctions to be imposed against residents who persistently and wilfully act against the interests of that local community e.g.

- If it is clearly established that a resident is selling drugs then all relevant statutory authorities are obligated to work in partnership with local communities to take action including the sanction of eviction. Private landlords must also be regulated and made to sign up to Community Charters where they have been adopted.

- That planning regulations for residential developments be tightened and standardized to ensure that an appropriate threshold of recreational, community and civic infrastructure is mandatory in all public and private sector developments e.g. play areas, shops, green spaces etc.

- That government legislates for recycling incentive schemes to be made available to local communities whereby targets are set depending on the size of area and areas reaching set targets are rewarded with funding towards environmental improvements.

- Investigate the potential for local co-operatives to be established to provide local energy needs through wind turbines, water power etc.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

National Hungerstrike Youth Weekend Tir Éoghain 2009 – Bígí Linn!

The National Hungerstrike Youth Weekend 2009 is taking place in Tyrone from the 14 – 16 August. The weekend of events is being organised to coincide with the National Hungerstrike March, and will also fall on the actual 100th Anniversary of Na Fianna Éireann, Sunday 16th August.

The main themes of the weekend will be the ‘1981 Hungerstrike’, and ‘A Century of Youth in Struggle’, with public talks, a republican tour, Na Fianna Éireann dinner dance, mural and plaque unveiling, rebel night, and the National Hungerstrike march helping bring people together and educate them on both.

The weekend is expected to be Ógra Shinn Féin’s biggest event of the year, with the republican youth movement and international guests turning out in numbers to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of Na Fianna Éireann on Sunday the 16th August. They will unveil a plaque to the first national republican youth organisation, and then form up in a large Na Fianna contingent in the Hungerstrike march.

Encouraging maximum attendance, Chairperson of the Tyrone Hungerstrike Youth Committee, Kerry McColgan said,

“The weekend will be an excellent opportunity for young republicans and our international comrades to come together in remembering Na Fianna and the Hungerstrikers. The many events throughout the weekend will be spread across Tyrone, and will be open to the public to ensure the maximum number of people are educated on these significant themes.”

“We are very proud of Martin Hurson and all the other Hungerstrikers who paid the ultimate sacrifice for Irish Freedom. We have put together a clár which we hope can honour their bravery and keep their memory alive, and we ask that you join with us in ensuring that the legacy of the Hungerstrikers and Na Fianna continues to burn strong in Irish youth today. Bígí Linn!”


Friday 14th August

5pm: Delegates arrive and registration in Omagh Sinn Féin Office

6pm: Failte and introduction in Omagh Sinn Féin Office

6.30pm: Dinner

8pm: The Dermot Crowley Memorial Lecture – ‘The 1981 Hunger Strike’ Talk and DVD Showing in Omagh Strule Arts Centre

10.30pm: Irish Night with Poitín in the INF Omagh

Saturday 15th August

8am: Breakfast

9am: Republican Tour of Tyrone

1pm: Lunch in Strabane

2pm: ‘A century of youth in struggle’ public talk and DVD showing in Strabane Library

7.30pm: Na Fianna Éireann 100th Anniversary Celebration Dinner in Quinn’s Corner with music by The Spirit of Freedom

Sunday 16th August

10am: Breakfast

12pm: Unveiling plaque to Na Fianna in Carrickmore

1.00pm: Sunday Lunch

3.30pm: Assemble for National Hunger Strike March in Galbally

The weekend will cost £40/45E which covers Na Fianna Dinner Dance, all meals, accommodation, republican tour, and entrance to rebel night.

The weekend fee will need to be paid no later than Friday 31st July.

If you are interested in attending or would like more information please contact, or 07885569940.

100th Anniversary Na Fianna Éireann Badge Available

A limited edition badge has been produced for the 100th Anniversary of Na Fianna Éireann.

The badge represents the continuity of Irish Republican Youth throughout the past 100 years, with the Na Fianna emblem emblazoned across the centre, and Na Fianna Éireann and the modern day Irish Republican Youth organisation Ógra Shinn Féin wrote on the badge.

The emblem was designed in 1910 by Na Fianna founder Countess Markievicz, - a white six pence sized circle enclosing a green circle and a yellow sun crossed by a pike.
Badges are priced £2/E2 plus postage and packaging and can be got by emailing
There will be more 100th Anniversary Na Fianna merchandise available throughout the year, including t-shirts, jackets, hoodies, booklets, DVDs, posters and a special edition calendar looking back on the 100th Anniversary, and all the events marking the significant anniversary.
Items will be promoted as they are produced, and will be available at all National events for the rest of the year.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Strabane Ógra Shinn Féin to remember Fian Tobias Molloy

The Tobias Molloy Ógra Shinn Féin Cumann Strabane are planning to remember the young Fian who their cumann is named in memory of, on his 37th Anniversary, Thursday 16th July.

This year marks the 100th Anniversary of the first republican youth movement, Na Fianna Éireann. The republican youth group had a large presence in the Strabane area during the most recent phase of the conflict, and tragically 18 year old Fian Tobias Molloy was killed at the Camel’s Hump checkpoint when a British Soldier fired a plastic bullet to his chest at point blank range.

Ógra Shinn Féin are publicly unveiling a mural to commemorate Fian Tobias Molloy on this the 100th Anniversary of Na Fianna. The mural will be unveiled in Lisnafin, and people are asked to assemble at Lisnafin Community Centre in Strabane at 7.30pm on Thursday 16th July. Ógra Shinn Féin will also be organising a public talk on ‘Republican Youth’ in August and producing and launching a DVD on Tobias, and local republican youth at the West Tyrone Volunteers Weekend in September.

Encouraging people to attend, Strabane Ógra Shinn Féin chairperson Sean Gillespie said,

“2009 is a significant year for young Irish republicans, as it marks the 100th Anniversary of Na Fianna Éireann. Ógra are busy throughout Ireland, planning events to remember this significant date, and locally in Strabane we will be organising a number of events to raise awareness of the crucial role that Na Fianna played in the struggle, and to remember the sacrifice of young people like Tobias Molloy who was indiscriminately and brutally killed by the British Army.”

“We are honoured and proud to be remembering Tobias, and we would encourage everyone to attend the public unveiling. Young people like Tobias Molloy’s activism and sacrifice have ensured constant and endless inspiration to young republican’s and Strabane Ógra Shinn Féin are proud to be actively pursuing the same goals for which he and so many other republicans died.”

Love Football - Hate Racism Weekend

A 'Love Football Hate Racism' weekend is being organised as part of the Feile this year in West Belfast, from the 31st July - 2 August.

The Anti Racist Weekend will have international guests and teams in attendance, and include talks, soccer tournament, music, and mural unveiling.

If you are interested in entering a team in the 'Love Football - Hate Racism' Cup, please contact;

Bígí Linn!