Monday, July 22, 2013

Mairéad Farrell Republican Youth does a clean-up!

Despite the sweltering heat, during Ireland’s brief heat wave, members of the Mairéad Farrell Republican Youth were out helping with a clean-up. A fence leading into the Lagmore estate in West Belfast was damaged by offensive graffiti and so SFRY along with local councillors decided to paint over the graffiti.  

Speaking after the clean-up, Mairéad Farrell Republican Youth activist Bronagh Bradley said: “It was a terrible act of vandalism that ruins the image of the Colin area and I feel it is the duty of members of SFRY to help out and improve their local community, no matter how small a job it is. With many members of SFRY being off school/ university for the summer, and with the sunny weather, it is a perfect time for members to take part in activism such as cleaning up local areas.”

If you are interested in the Mairéad Farrell Republican Youth , contact them on Facebook!

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Anonymous said...

Great community activism.