Friday, July 19, 2013

Quinn calls for legal action for local tyre bonfire

Alt scríofa ag:
Mary Kate Quinn, Mairéad Farrell Republican Youth Committee (Béal Feirste)

Mairéad Farrell Republican Youth member Mary Kate Quinn has expressed her outrage at a bonfire in her local area in South Antrim. She has called for legal action to be taken against those responsible for constructing and lighting a bonfire made of tyres in Stoneyford. The bonfire also included posters of Sinn Féin election candidates and flags. 

"The people of Stoneyford not only have to endure their lives being disrupted throughout the year by the behaviour of a sectarian band but now they have to endure toxic fumes from a bonfire on the 11th of July."

"The actions of those who built the bonfire were wreckless, irresponsible and offensive. The burning of tyres is illegal and a serious environmental issue, particularly given the toxic fumes that are given off. It can cause permanent damage to the health of anyone who inhales them."

"Those responsible also decided to add insult to injury by placing tricolors  and election posters of myself and my Sinn Féin colleagues on top of the bonfire. This achieves nothing but to incite hate and is certainly not an expression of culture. I therefore call on the relevant bodies to take immediate action against those responsible."

Sinn Féin Republican Youth will be publishing a series of opinion pieces on the blog, please mail us on our Facebook page if interested. 

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Anonymous said...

Great to see community leadership being shown by young republicans. Maith thú Mary-Kate.