Thursday, April 08, 2010

Republican museum opens in East Tyrone

This Easter saw the opening of a new museum charting the history of the republican movement in East Tyrone from as early as the 1600s.

It is hoped that the museum will be home to a unique set of artefacts and records that are in danger of disappearing into the midsts of time. The museum, which will be housed in Coalisland Square alongside the Sinn Fein offices, was established by the Coalisland Clonoe ex-prisoners group.

The local Coney Kilpatrick Ógra cumann were seen to play a key role in the founding of the museum; working along side the ex-prisoners in gathering information and records, advertising, assisting with displays and much more. The cumann will continue to help in any way they can and are keen to aid the ex-prisoners group in the development and further progression of the museum.

Speaking on the opening local activist Padraig Quinn had this to say:

“The value of the museum to the area and to republicans in general is in many ways immeasurable. The artefacts contained are especially important to younger people as they give them an opportunity to come into contact with items from the past, rather than just read about them or view unrealistic replicas in films. The Coney Kilpatrick cumann aims to use the museum to host many tours and discussions on relevant and meaningful republican issues in the near future and we are sure they will be worthwhile for all Ógra activists to attend."

The museum will be open from Monday to Saturday 10am to 4pm.

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